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Potential Employers

There are numerous benefits to a 

Business or Employer when hiring a

Project SEARCH Graduate:

  • Access to a new and diverse pool of talent with available skills that match current labor needs

  • Improved performance and job retention in high turnover, entry 
    level positions

  • Increased regional and economic recognition through the program

  • Long term positive changes in your organizational culture as a result of hiring a more diverse staff

Targeted Employment Tax Credit

The Kansas Department of Revenue offers a Tax Credit specifically for Employers and Businesses that

employ individuals who have developmental disabilities.

Linda Kizzire

Sedgwick County Treasurer

I hired Ashlea as a full time employee over five years ago.  She is very committed and highly dedicated to her work.  Ashlea is dependable and works diligently in completing her assignments, usually before deadline.   She is extremely proud of her job, and I am extremely proud of Ashlea.  I encourage (or challenge) every workforce to embrace the Project SEARCH program and give the interns the opportunity to thrive in the workplace.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

William Hageman

Fitness Center Director

I was lucky enough to be part of the first Project Search class at McConnell Air Force Base.  It has been an exciting experience to see the Interns and program grow from the ground up.  Our Project Search Interns have had a great impact on our employees, customers and facility.  Our staff has learned as much from the program as the interns.  A number of former interns have been able to attain employment at McConnell and I would highly recommend the entire Project Search program.

Kimberly Staib

Information, Tickets, & Travel Director

I have been with Project SEARCH since the first year they were here and it has been such a positive experience watching how- over the course of the internship- the interns bloom with confidence. To me it is more than free labor; it is the opportunity to set these kids up for success in life. During COVID especially it has been so helpful to have an intern around to handle the cleaning, but the interns do all kinds of tasks like organizing, stocking, and inventorying. The program is wonderful and It is so rewarding to be able to help these kids move forward.

Hear What Current Employers Say

Interested in Learning More?

Contact the Sedgwick County

Developmental Disabilities Organization at

271 W. Third St. N. Suite 500, Wichita, KS 67202  |  Tel: 316-660-1941

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